21 януари 2014

Personal stories from Bulgaria (UFO)

These are some of the sotries I've received from the readers of my blog.

In 2010 a young boy sent me this story:

It was August 2009 around 22:00. Me and my father were in a villa near the city of Ruse. We went outside and my father spotted something in the sky, he showed it to me. It looked like a plane in the night but it was stationary. I just decided to go inside to take binoculars when it started to move! It made a circle and passed right above the house. It formed something like a spiral. Everything was white. Then it vanished. We heard that there was a hole in the ground on the place where it vanished.  The soil inside was frozen.


In 2011 I received a story from a young girl about a UFO sighting in Gabrovo from 2008:

We were in school (2nd grade elementary school) and one of my schoolmates was looking through the window. He said with wonder that a military jet is chased by an oval object. All rushed to the window to see what is going on and to see if he was lying. Something was really chasing the plane. There was not enough room for me on this window so I rushed to another one. I looked through the window that was facing the Maths high school. I think I saw the object to fall behind that school.


I received this story in 2013:

Around 5 years ago me and my girlfriend were in Aiazmoto - this is a park with alleys and benches on a hill close to the city of Stara Zagora. It was summer and we were sitting on a bench and we were talking. We were 18-19 years old at that time. There were no lights around and we were watching the night sky. There were some stars between the trees. I was looking at a star - not the brightest but bright enough. We both were looking in that direction. We talked about half an hour when exactly this star made a move like a falling star leaving a trail. It seemed that this movement is not down but up toward space. The trail was short. A second later everything was gone. I looked at my girlfriend and ask her if she has seen the same. She told me "yes". We stayed there 2-3 more minutes but the star did not appear again. There were no clouds, there were no trees there to hide it - it just dissapeared. We talked a little about that then we felt scared and we left.


These photos were sent to me by a reader of the blog. All of them are made in 2013. I have cropped and zoomed some of the objects.

First 2 photos are taken over Rupite. They look like classical UFO known as "flying saucers".

Next picture is taken on 17 September 2013 over Belasitza mountain.

Another picture from Belasitza mountain (Spring 2013)


UFO over Dolna Dikanya (8 august 2013)

We (me and my husband) were on our villa in Dolna Dikanya. My husband does not believe in UFO or in God. We were outside around 20:00 and we were smoking and talking. There is a small hill to the right that is called Radzovitca. Suddenly a UFO appeared from there - a bright light. We were horrified and stunned.

We watched these lights - they moved slowly, without noise, they were very bright. They passed over our house. They made rapid zigzag movement and my husband said that this was a UFO. He said it - he who don't believe in UFO!

We were not able to sleep that night from fear. We heard that neighbours have seen them too but no one is talking. On the next day a helicopter was circling there - I don't know if it had any connection to the UFO sighting. I think that military knows but they are silent too.

From that day my husband believes in UFO.


I received this story from a young man in 2013:

I think it was 2006 - I was on holiday in Burgas in the summer. My dad was out to a restaurant with a friend but I was not feeling well and I stayed at the room. I turned on the TV. At one time I went out to the terrace. I looked at the sky. It was beautiful and I felt very good. There was a tall hotel building in front of me. Suddenly something like light emerged behind the hotel. I did not pay attention because I thought it was a helicopter. But then for just a second a lot of new thoughts crossed my mind. Thoughts which I never imagined that I would think. Then I realised that the object had no typical movement of a helicopter or an airplane. It was silent and moved like a car with a drunk driver - you can not predict the course of its movement. These are some of the thoughts I mentioned:

"I did not realize that God could have created everything, not only for people because the earth is only a very small section of the entire cosmos. Like pin between the needles"

This fluttered in my mind very quickly. Immediately I ran home and I took my camera and started shooting. Here comes the surprise - in the pictures ther was only the sky. Naked sky, nothing else. I saw the camera focusing on the object and it was right in the frame but the picture showed only naked sky. I was dumbfounded, I was scared, I looked up and I saw part of it passes over the building. It was something like three knotted balloons that change color and rotate. The colors were blue, yellow, green , etc. but I was in shock and could not remember them all. Since then I know we are not alone in space. I do not feel surprise but rather awe.

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