29 януари 2014

Personal stories from Bulgaria (Strange encounters)

I received all of these stories in 2013.

She (old relative) is known in the family for her visions...sometimes she dream them...sometimes she speaks with strangers on the streets that dissapears just like that...

The last such case happened before two weeks. She was on the field with one of her sons, her son's wife and their child. They were working each on some distance from the others, only the small child was running around. Soon a young man on a horse without a saddle appeared and asked the old woman about the direction to the main road E79. She told him, at that time the child came and the old lady turned toward him to see what the boy want. When she turned again toward the horseman, he was dissapeared.

Her son's wife said later that she saw from a distance that the old woman was talking to a man on a horse. When the other son of the old lady heard this story, he started to joke that the woman was sleeping but again the wife of the other son claimed to have seen the horseman. Then the son jumped on his car and went to the field but he found no traces of a horse, not even from the shoes of the stranger - the woman took very good look at them - they were old fashioned but looked brand new.

Was this horseman a time traveller?


I received this story on skype. My questions are in green.

It happened in the winter of 2010 after we finished high school. We decided to gather in the hut of my aunt in village Svidnya.

We were 9 people total. Everything was normal, we celebrated. Then I, two other boys and a girl decided to take a walk at the forest in the night as there is no wolves or bears here. It was dark, we had lights and everything was ok but we decided to go back because it was cold. I decided to use different path passing near an old abandoned hut. There is a legend about this hut and I wanted to scare a bit my friends. While we were walking the girl started to scream and to cry. We asked her what was the problem and she told us that she has heard noise behind her and she has seen a big man with glowing dark blue eyes. I thought that she knew the legend and that she was joking but there was no way for her to know the story as she was for the first time in the village.

Myself and one of the other boys decided to return to take a look but there was nothing or at least I did not see anything. But before I realised what was going on the other boy started to run. I shocked - I was alone in the forest in 2-3 o'clock in the night so I started to run too. I reached the others but this boy (Martin) was not with them. We were scared, we called the other to search him but after we were unable to find him we called a forest patrol. At 6:30 we found him sitting next to a tree, his clothes were torn and he had wounds on his back. He was talking some strange things about a man or a creature with blue eyes, long arms and big hair - it appeared behind him and Martin lost consciousness. When he regained consciousness he was in shock and waited there until we arrived. He spent next 3 weeks in a hospital in Sofia without to talk.

Since then this boy has mental problems and no one goes to the hut anymore, I fear too.

What is exactly the legend?

It is about a man and a woman that used to live in the abandoned hut. Once the man went to the village to buy some food. When he returned he found only blood strains and the blue eyes of his wife. In his madness he went in the wilderness to search for her. Some claim that he is still searching for the body of his wife and that he attacks everyone that he meets. Some people claim that they have seen him. People call him the blue-eyed demon.

Is your frind ok now?

He started to talk but he does not want to remenber that day. He still has scars on his back. The strangest thing is that no one can survive more than 2 hour outside when temperatures are as low as - 20 C.

Maybe the creature has saved his life?

Yes and bringed him to madness.

This is a serious case with attack on human - did the local newspapers wrote about this?

I don't know, we were in shock after this.


I did not find anything more on the internet about this case or about the legend. This does not mean that this hasn't happened. A lot of information is still not digitalized in Bulgaria. For example I found a refference to a book with local legends about Svidnya but I still cannot find the book itself.


This happened in May 1997. That year I decided to visit a friend who lives in city of Ruse and without a warning I took the train and went to that city. I worked in Sliven, I traveled all day and I arrived in Ruse at the evening. I went to the post office (we did not have mobile phones back then) and I called my friend. His father picked up and he told me that my friend was in the hospital (maybe I should tell you that we met in a clinic where we were healing from alcohol addiction). I want to emphasize that I hadn't been drinking for months and what I saw was not under the influence of alcohol.

So I found myself in a the city alone and without money (I called my mother to send me money on the next day) and I had to survive the night. I walked along the Danube river. I sat in the park with huge trees, lanterns were lit, but soon it began to darken. It was late spring, but the nights were still cold. I did not know what to do. I went outside of the town, truck drivers whistled and waved to me as if I was crazy. At the end of the town I approached something like a grove. There were houses nearby so I was not completely isolated. When I found a small clearing among the trees it was almost night. I used my backpack as a pillow. From the nearby houses I could hear barking of the dogs. I tried to sleep but then the wind came and the trees started to make noises and I got a little bit afraid.

Then in the branches of a nearby tree I noticed greenish light. I thought it was a butterfly but it came up to me and landed on the grass close to me. I thought "wow, what a glowing butterfly" but it was no butterfly because I clearly could make out tiny little body and delicate face. It was a fairy or something that resembled it as we imagine fairies. Although her aura was pale green, clearly I saw the tiny white dress. So this thing landed and went to sleep. I was suddenly calmed and staring at it I also fell asleep. In the morning there was no sign of it, but I was accompanied by the pleasant feeling long after that.

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