25 януари 2014

Personal stories from Bulgaria (Ghosts)

A young woman sent me this story in 2013

Ghost in an apartment building in Veliko Tarnovo (2010)

...But the story is very interesting and I still wonder if it is possible. It was exactly 3 years ago. I was working in a flower shop whose owner was the father of the boy involved. His name is M. and his girlfriend is D. They rented an apartment, they have lived together and they had no troubles till this moment. Only the rent was strangely low, that is very strange for a city like Veliko Tarnovo where rents are quite high.

All started one night with the wake of their dog. It started to bark toward the door. Almost every night this animal barked toward the empty space and nobody was able to calm it. They did not pay big attention to this until one morning M. found his shoes in front of the mirror. Whereever he put them in the evening on the next morning they were always next to each other in front of the mirror.

My friends became worried. D. did not want to stay alone in the apartment unit. They stopped to turn off lights in the night, TV was always on, the dog continued to bark against the void. One day in the shop D. made a scandal to M. She accused him that he was in the apartment with other woman because the bed was a mess. At that day M. did not leave the shop at all so I and other collegues calmed D. One night M. saw a girl around 10-12 years old in the mirror. They called a priest to make a ritual but the girl showed up one more time and again only M. saw her. They went to an old woman who told them to buy some clothing and to give it to a girl the same age as the ghost. They did that but I don't know if it worked as I left this job at that time. I have heard that ghosts of children do not leave easy. M. and D. talked to their neighbours in the apartment building. They asked if some kind of tragedy has happend in this unit but nothing of that kind has happend. One of the famous mediums in Veliko Tarnovo [name withheld] lives two floors under their apartment. I call them witches because they non-stop call ghosts of the dead and maybe she is the the reason why the ghost of the girl appeared.


I received this in 2013.

One friend has a house in Botevgrad. It is one of the oldest and it is home of strange "activity". My friend's mother has a photo album with pictures of people who should not be on the photographies.

This picture is taken in this house and it shows a ball that was not present at the moment.


A young woman sent me some stories from Varna and around

This story is from January (2013). The grandmother of one of my friends has died. I had a medical operation in January and I slept at my friend's home. At one night when he was in the bathroom, I heard that someone is opening and closings furniture lockers as if he was searching for something. I thought it was my friend but he was still in the bathroom. Also the place where the old lady used to sit and to watch TV was always warm.


Mall Varna is close to the cemetery and a lot of people claim that they have seen ghosts there. One collegue told me that he has seen a shadow of an old man in front of the elevator.


But the most interesting story is this.

In Spring of 2007 we did christening of my cousin and I was godmother. The priest was very nice. He is a real holy man, he helps addicts. When he talks you feel so peaceful.

I am interested in religion and I went again to him. There were some old ladies in front of his house who told me some unbelievable stories how the priest helped and cured them. At first I didn't believe them.

The priest invite me in a room and we talked. Then a couple came in. The woman looked sick and pale as if she was very ill. The man explained how they went to doctors but they did not find anything. Doctors told him it was all psychological. The man did not believe in magic but he has heard about the priest and they decided to come.

The priest started to talk and in the same time the woman felt bad. She told him to stop talking. We all were stunned but the priest said that she was not the one that was talking. He went to take some holy water. When the priest returned he told the man to hold his wife and she started to writhe just as in the movie "Exorcist". He sprayed her with the water and some steam started to rise from her. This was impossible! I was very frightened! Soon she calmed. The priest said that the unholy spirit was still not chased away and she should come again. Then the priest and the man went outside to talk. I was with the woman and she told me that she knew there was something in her but nobody believed her.

Later I heard that the priest chased away the evil spirit and even helped the couple to have children. I wanted to find again this priest but he has moved to another village.

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